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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Here's a blogger about music bank...

After we watched the pyromusical competition at the Mall of Asia, we went to Music Bank at the Ground Floor of HK Sun Plaza along Macapagal Avenue to wait for the horrendous traffic to subside and to belt out the Idol within us.

And I must say that amongst the KTV outlets in the Macapagal area, Music Bank is the best. See why after the jump...

Why I think Music Bank is the best?

* They only charge PHP 85 per head per hour, so they are very inexpensive for small groups. Also, as compared to other KTV's like World Music, Music Bank accepts groups of two while World Music and the others requires a minimum of 3 persons per room. So, this is very good if you would like to take your date out for some singing.

* They have a well organized song book. This is important so you will not waste your time looking for some new songs to sing. I must say that even if you pick a random page, I can assure you that there will be something for you to sing.

* They have a clean and super AC'd room, gorgeous interiors and a modern equipment. I am also very happy that they even provide fresh Microphone caps, which will lessen the chance for you to get infected by something nasty.

*They have a common area and a big screen for public belting. So if you feel like you mastered that Celine or Regine song, then go for the grand stage and to top it off - singing at the lobby will only cost you PHP 45 per hour. Yay!

* The food is cheap and yummy and the staff is very attentive. They will even give you VIP cards and Gift Certificates if you visit the place as often as I do.

For 3 or 4 hours of singing with a bucket of beer and some Cheese sticks and Onion Rings, the damage will only be PHP 1200-1400. Truevali recommends you try to go to Music bank too.

You know you love it!

for full info, you may visit http://truevali.blogspot.com/2010/02/ktv-music-bank-at-macapagal-avenue.html


  1. hi to music bank very nice place and rooms... pero di ko n gus2han sa inyo one time n nkaupo ko sa lobby nyo nbosohan p ko... kita ko mga staff at regular nka tingin sa baba ko kc nka mini skert ako..... syang dhil dun nwalan ko ng gana sa inyo and cnabi ko sa family at friends ko nangyari sakin at na disappoint cla... sana 2magal keo sa kagaganyan nyo....

  2. lol @stephanie... maybe your mini-"skert" was asking for it?

    musicbank is by far the best KTV place that i've been. very spacious rooms, i must say. unlike in music 21 na ipagsisiksikan ang 5 persons in a room having a capacity for only 3 people. my goodness! bawal gumalaw?